Made on Eastern Avenue

Melissa Wolf

Made on Eastern Avenue.  Why the name? Well, the first house that Jared and I bought was on Eastern Avenue, that is the home that he carried me over the threshold the night of our wedding, the home we brought both of our baby girls home to (and can't forget the three dogs and several goldfish, albeit, Jared may not have been happy with me for the two dogs that I was responsible for).  That was the house that I knew I wanted to have my own business and share my creativity with the world.  (Lucky you, right ;)) .  That was the house that really made our family.  We lived there for nine years.  You know, a lot can happen in nine years.  Marriage, layoff, baby, back to work, college classes, second baby, preschool, brain surgery, kindergarten.  Looking back I am so grateful to have had that house to start our family in.  We will all always have great memories of the time that we spent in that cute little farmhouse.